Our Story

To protect those that matter the most against germs.

Our story starts with the one thing that is always with us: our bags. Our favorite purse, a backpack, diaper bag, a laptop case, work bag, clutch for a night out, or our carry-on when traveling.

We place them on the ground on public transportation to avoid taking up an extra seat. We hang them on the restroom door when we are lucky enough to have a hook. We put them on our work desk. We place them in our grocery cart.

We finally arrive back home at the end of the day and plop them on our bed or the kitchen counter.


While navigating the pandemic, we became hyper-conscious of germs. Our desire to keep our homes free of outside contaminants led us to the shocking truth of just how much bacteria lives on bags.

The solution was simple, yet there was no product on the market that solved the problem. So, we did what any mothers would do - put our superhero capes on and saved the day!

By combining our entrepreneurial spirits, we created TAG: the accessory you never knew you needed for the problem you can’t see.

Stacey G.

Stacey’s career began inside stadiums and arenas as a sports and concert publicist before starting her own PR firm. Her success is defined by her storytelling abilities, spunk, and penchant for breaking convention. In the last two years alone, her press placements reached over 5.5 billion people, with a publicity value over $4 million. She also enjoys supporting her husband’s busy career and two non-stop teenagers.

Brandi V.

A Texas girl at heart, Brandi is a mother of three, wife of an NFL Super Bowl Champion, and Real Estate Broker currently living it up on the sandy beaches of Orange County. Needless to say, she knows her way around sticky stadiums, grassy fields, and gritty beaches. The former sports reporter fused her expertise in media and real estate to become a trusted on-camera authority and TV personality for HGTV, TLC, and NBC.



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