Why Do I Need to TAG? 

Studies show pathogens collect on the bottoms of our bags. Our TAG barrier reduces that exposure, keeping you and loved ones safe. Your bag visits numerous high touch surfaces every day – from the second you walk out the door, to a quick stop for coffee, public restroom, restaurant floor, office desk, grocery stores and catching kids sporting games on a muddy or wet ground. When you are finally home and place your bag on your kitchen counter or bed, who knows what germs have come back to live with you and your family.  Don’t give germs a free ride! 

Articles show it is necessary to keep bags clean “To prevent the transfer of germs to other high-touch areas in your home, avoid putting your purse on the kitchen counter.” Real Simple Magazine https://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/cleaning/high-touch-surfaces-to-clean


What Size is the TAG cover? How do I know it will fit my bag?

Since TAG includes a stick-on adhesive as well as a stretch perimeter, we like to say it fits most bags from a purse, backpack, small duffle, diaper bags and laptop bags.  

Is it biodegradable?

YES! TAG is made of a biodegradable material so it is safe to toss in the recycling bin to help reduce our carbon footprint on Mother Earth. 

Do you use a new TAG bag cover everywhere you go and where are they needed?

YES! Toss a few in your bag before you head out the door, so each stop you have one to use for a barrier of protection against high-touch surfaces. Use these EVERYWHERE you go... public transportation, bathrooms, airports, airplanes, restaurants, theaters, arenas, sports facilities, wet grassy fields and muddy ball parks.  Just as your days are always on the go, 'Don't give germs a free ride™' any longer!

Why can't I just wipe down my own bag after use?

Viruses and other bacteria can live on leather bags for several months depending on the species. So, while using wipes with bleach or a large amount of alcohol can help clean the surfaces, it will lead to discoloration of your bag, changing the texture of the bag, causing permanent damage over time. 

Do some bags carry more harmful germs than others?

YES! Thanks to their texture, leather bags are often the highest breeding grounds for absorbing germs. Other bags made with porous materials and cloth give a more susceptible surface for harboring germs and bacteria.

According to a popular magazine, “And that gorgeous leather bag that you lusted after and splurged on? Thanks to its texture, it’s basically a breeding ground for bacteria,” referenced in this article from Women's Health https://www.womenshealthmag.com/health/a19892404/your-purse-is-as-germy-as-a-toilet/

What kind of germs have been found on the bottoms of bags?

Studies show that pathogens collect on the bottom of purses and bags. This cover can reduce your bag's exposure, keeping you and your family safer! Studies from swabs on the bottom of bags have proven the following: BACTERIA, VIRUSES, FUNGI, PROTOZOA, HELMINTHS, COVID-19, CORONAVIRUS, COVID, CRE BACTERIA, SUPERBUGS, H. Pylori, Staphylococcus (MRSA), E. Coli

“Depending on where it’s been, the bottom of the bag could be carrying even more germs, including strep, fungi, salmonella and E. coli.” As stated in this article from Medical City Healthcare and they say, “ NEVER put your purse on the floor, especially in places such as bathrooms and restaurants; also avoid tossing it on other germy areas such as kitchen and bathroom counters...”  https://medicalcityhealthcare.com/blog/entry/7-of-the-most-germ-covered-surfaces-people-touch-every-day

Scientific Studies are out there for you to further read, now TAG is the answer for your everyday needs!